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Staff Applications Format - Crazyboyri - 12-15-2020

Staff Application Steps
  • Make a thread with the correct format or you may be DENIED.
  • For some ranks, you need permission from higher staff. For lower ranks, this step can be ignored.
  • Be patient and wait for people to voice their opinion on your application.
  • If your application is DENIED you MUST wait 14 DAYS to reapply
  • If accepted you agree to not cause trouble, or go rogue. If so you will be permanently removed from this community.

Staff Application Format
1. What is your In-game name?:

2. What is your SteamID?:

3. Do you have any past experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain)

4. How many warns/bans do you have on the server?:

5. Your timezone?:

6. Why do you believe you deserve this position in our community?:

7. How would you handle someone prop climbing compared to someone bullying/harassing others?: