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  Hikari's staff application.
Posted by: Hikari - 04-13-2020, 05:54 PM - Replies (1)

Applicant's SteamID:




Do you have discord? Discord username:


How many warns do you have? Have you been banned before?:

Neither are applicable.

Any experience?:

I've been creating,owning,and developing GMod servers since about 13 years old. I've worked for several large groups such as IceFuse,MSN TTT,And MOAT.gg

Why do you think you should be given a position, and how can you provide to our community?:

I'm probably one of the most professional and level headed staffers you will ever bring onto your team.
Im a pro and I show it. Along with this i hope to join active development.
I really like the server and all the members  I've interacted with so far and I feel as though I'll be a great fit.

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Posted by: Gough07 - 04-13-2020, 05:20 PM - Replies (1)

Applicant's SteamID: don't have steam
Do you have discord? Discord username:Ellis dee
How many warns do you have? Have you been banned before?:1warn for being rude and 1 ban for appealing to my friends ban
Any experience?:admin of servers over 30 people and good at advertiseing
Why do you think you should be given a position, and how can you provide to our community?:I will moderate your discord or advertise your discord in self ad sections on public servers or in my server

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  Pokemon God's Staff Application
Posted by: pokemon god - 03-19-2020, 03:22 PM - Replies (1)

Applicant's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61346583
Age: 16
Do you have discord? Discord username: Yes, Pokemon God#8343
How many warns do you have? Have you been banned before?: Nope
Any experience?: Yes, I ave experience with owning and operating my own DarkRP servers aswell as co - owner and head staff on many SantosRP servers aswell as other DarkRP. I am very into roleplay servers and love either running communities or helping.
Why do you think you should be given a position, and how can you provide to our community?: I believe that I would be a great fit for the staff team because I have lots of experience with ULX and managing people. I effectively follow the rules and interact with everyone I see, I think semi serious roleplay is great because I like joking around with people while also roleplaying and generally having a good time. I love helping people in and outside of Garry's Mod I'm an active volunteer at many places in real life and seize any opportunity to help anyone out. I feel that my extended experience with gmod lua, staff experience and over 2000 hours of playing on roleplay servers like DarkRP and SantosRP will put me ahead of over applicants.

I am looking to be hired for a management role if possible, I know that I am very capable of doing so and believe I can really benefit this community with my experience.

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Brick Blobinators Staff App
Posted by: Blobinator - 02-12-2020, 09:25 PM - Replies (1)

[b]Applicant's SteamID: [/b]


Do you have discord? Discord username: PotatoeHead#8411
How many warns do you have? Have you been banned before?:None
Any experience?: Yes on Quantum Gaming with is now a Closed down netwokr and Void Networks
Why do you think you should be given a position, and how can you provide to our community?: I think i should have the [/b]
[b]opitunity to have this position because i believe that i can do great things for the server and all of its players that love to play.[/b]
[b]And i can provide friendship and humour to the server as the players play but i can also do that anyway.[/b]

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  Sullis Staff app
Posted by: Ayden - 01-20-2020, 04:58 AM - Replies (1)

pplicant's SteamID: ❃ ı??ı??ı Payce
Do you have discord? Discord username: [GSR] Founder Sulli GSP 119


How many warns do you have? Have you been banned before?: no
Any experience?: Yes Admin on Crix Gaming and Head admin at python networks and on a couple starwars rp
Why do you think you should be given a position, and how can you provide to our community?: I think I should be given staff beacasue I can spend alot of time on the server and I can bring my problem solveing skills

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  New Server Poll
Posted by: JohnV - 12-21-2019, 08:08 AM - No Replies

It has come to my conclusion that one server is not enough to get our community out there and known. And it has come to my attention that another small server would better advertise our name, however this server will only be a 16-24 slot server.
Game mode choices:

  1. Deathrun
  2. Murder
  3. Prophunt
  4. Stop it, Slender!

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  Server Announcements
Posted by: JohnV - 12-19-2019, 02:01 AM - No Replies


  • Added a new integrated kill feed system.
  • Added a casino addon. Type /casino to be able to use.
  • Balanced money printing system.
  • Balanced mining system.
  • Finally added group chats for certain classes/jobs.
  • Fixed Winchester ammo glitch that disabled players from using the ammo.
  • Balanced jobs max player amount.
  • Balanced Mayor's tax system to insure more realistic taxation.
  • Grower may now put weed in their "inventory" (data) by pressing E over the weed.
  • Changed the position of the Mayor's economy HUD to be centered in the middle of the screen.
  • NEW logging system for our amazing staff! New UI design and customizable client side setting for use.
  • Added SmartSnap to help assist with any of your building needs.
  • Fixed any reported bugs and minor changes from recommendations in the community.
More updates shall continue in the near future.....

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  Lil Peep's Staff Application
Posted by: Lil Peep x - 12-04-2019, 02:43 PM - Replies (1)

Applicant's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:25573712
Age: 16
Any experience?: Ive got over 3 Years with staff management; also have ran past communities over the years with 200+ players each month.
Why do you think you should be given a position, and how can you provide to our community?: I think I should be given a position on the staff team because I know I can help get this server popular, I can provide many aspects to the server others can't I strive for hard work and a friendly dedicated player base with unique innovations for everyone.

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  Bug Report Format
Posted by: JohnV - 12-01-2019, 06:03 AM - No Replies

These bugs may vary through our website, donation store or server. Please report any problems here and use the format below:

What have you encountered/explain?:
Screenshots? (If you can take some, this will help the most):

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Posted by: JohnV - 11-18-2019, 09:21 PM - No Replies

1. Be respectful to ALL members.

  • Over the top RACISM is not allowed.
  • No spamming racist words/comments in chat.
2. Do not abuse your tool gun in any way.
3. Do not break NLR (New Life Rule) which is 2 minutes.
  • 5 minutes if being raided in your home or raiding someone else's home.
4. Do not advertise links or other servers.
5. Do not chat/voice spam
  • You can not play sounds/music for extended amounts of time.
6. Do not evade punishments from staff. (You will only make things worse)
7. Do not RDM.
  • RDM (Random Deathmatch): The act of killing someone with no RP reason. You can not kill without an RP reason.
8. Do not abuse your job in any way.
  • You may not switch jobs just to perform that job's unique action.
  • This includes:
  •    Terrorist attacks (Wherein you switch to terrorist to perform a terror attack, and then switch back to your job)
  •    Self supplying
  •    Becoming a police officer just to arrest someone
9. Exploits of any kind are a ban offense.
10. Do not prop climb/surf/push.
11. Do not abuse any loopholes in the rules if there are any.
  • Report to a staff member if there are any
12. Do not use /job to impersonate any other jobs.
13. Do not impersonate staff.
14. You can not build on sidewalks or roads.
  • Only on sidewalks, if you own the property in front.
  • Exception if you are a Hobo.
15. Do not use chain adverts, at most you can have ONE action on ONE bind.
  • Example of chain bind: Raid/PD Raid/Counter Raid/Over, these are not allowed.
  • Example of valid advert: Bank Raid.
16. If a staff member has dealt with your situation it is FINAL.
  • If you feel the staff member was in the wrong, then please make a report on our forums.
18. Use common sense.
19. You may kill someone for stealing your items, only if you see them stealing it from your property (NLR Applies)
  • If somehow you see someone walking around with your printers outside of your property, you must give a verbal warning then followed by a chat warning.
20. You may not trap someone inside of your base unless you are a trafficker, or they are raiding it and have a way to get out using a lockpick or keypad cracker.
21. Encouraging rule breaking in not tolerated in this server and doing so will be granted with a punishment.
22. No RP actions in spawn, including hits and mugging

1. You must advert raid before raiding a player's property, and you must be the correct class to do so. (Criminal, Gangs, or Custom)
2. You may only occupy a house during a raid for 10 minutes, after that you need to exit the property.
3. Raiders may be killed on sight (KOS)
4. You may not counter-raid.
5. You may not ask anyone to raid/mug you in anyway.
6. You must wait 5 minutes to raid again, and 15 minutes to raid the same person.
7. Raiding just to kill someone is not allowed on this server.
8. If raiding as a group or with a partner, only one person is required to /Advert Raid.
1. There must be 2 Government Officials online.
2. You must raid the bank with a group of ATLEAST 2 people.
3. Only criminal classes and gang classes can raid the bank.
4. You must stay alive for 5 minutes to receive your funds from the bank.
5. You must /advert Bank Raid to be able to begin your raid.
1. You may only have one base, if you need more room you can upgrade to a bigger complex.
2. You may use a text screen while building to make you immune from raids (Do NOT ABUSE THIS)
3. Keypads must have a minimum of 5 seconds hold time.
4. Blackout bases are not allowed. The raider must be able to know what direction to go while inside the base.
5. Trap doors or trap rooms are not allowed.
6. One-way props are NOT allowed.
7. KOS signs MUST be clearly visible. 
8. Force crouch bases are not allowed.
9. Shooting holes must be shoulder to head length of your character.
10. Kill rooms are NOT allowed.
11. You may NOT block NPCS with your props. (If there is not a staff member with the ability to remove your tool. You will be KICKED)
12. You must be a owner on the front door to be able to protect the property from being raided.
13. You can have a max of 3 buttons in your base.
14. Shooting holes must be used with a keypad with a hold time of 5 seconds.
15. You are allowed to ONLY have a max of 3 fading doors to enter your base.
1. You must /advert mug before attempting to mug.
2. You must give the person a minimum of 10 seconds to respond.
3. The maximum amount you can mug for is $10,000.
4. You must be a criminal class or gang class to mug.
5. You may defend yourself if you are being mugged
6. You may not pull out your gun while being mugged. You must already have it out. 
7. You may kill someone if they are running away.
8. You may kill someone if they are not following orders but only after you have given them 10 seconds to respond.
1. You may not base with anyone else except your own jobs.
2. These classes are to be used for roleplay, use your imagination.
3. A doctor may not be used during raids
1. Police cannot randomly arrest another player without them breaking a law.
2. To acquire warrants, you MUST see that player, doing or possessing something illegal, IN THAT LIFE .
3. Mayors must have a valid reason for lockdown. Valid meaning within the lines of RP. Being creative is allowed with permission from an admin.
4. Mayors cannot make illegal items legal, for example "printers are legal".
5. Mayors cannot make stupid laws, for example "No jaywalking".
6. Mayors may not make a law that contradicts the general rules.
7. The lobby of the PD is public property, and should never be locked or blocked off for any reason.
8. Police checkpoints are allowed, but must be authorized by the mayor and a staff member. (DUI checkpoint/Firearms check)
9. You may not randomly weapon check someone or give them a breathalyzer test without their permission.
10. You may weapon check or give someone a breathalyzer check if they are in the PD.
11. The legal alcohol limit is "6" for public intoxication.
1. Do not harass players to place hits.
2. You may raid the person you have a hit on BUT you cannot steal anything.
3. You may raid with any other raiding class.
1. Hobos cannot have printers.
2. You cannot own any property or base with anyone.
3. You must live on the street.
1. If you are hired by someone to protect their property, you must be co-owner on the front door.
2. You may not protect Gang classes, Criminal or Others classes.
1. You own the rights to the apartment buildings across from spawn
2. If someone owns the apartment doors before you do, they are required to turn over ownership to you for the front doors.
3. The maximum rent you can charge someone is $25,000 every 30 minutes.
4. You must give the renter co-ownership over the door of the room he will be renting.
1. You cannot mug/raid the same person more than once every 10 minutes.
2. Gang members may only base with same class or Coke cook's (For example Bloods cannot base with Crips).
3. Thieves may base with any criminal job.
4. Separate gangs cannot raid together.
5. Coke cook's may not raid at all.
6. Coke cook's can base with any Criminal or Gang Jobs.
1. You must own a shop, this excludes the job "Grower" as weed and shrooms can be illegal.
2. You may only base with other Seller classes.
3. If you are a Gun Dealer or Bartender you may not roam the streets to sell your product.
4. You must sell to everyone, this excludes Civil Protection classes IF your product is made illegal by the mayor.
5. These classes cannot raid.
6. Gun Dealer may buy guns for himself ONLY if there are no other's online.
1. Terrorist may terrorize the city, but this comes with a 40 minute cooldown. (Mass RDM)
2. This can only be done in the center of town. (In front PD)
3. You may only base with the "Others" classes.
4. Trafficker may only kidnap someone every 15 minutes.
5. You may not kidnap Admin On Duty, this will result in a ban.
6. You may offer ransom for the person you kidnapped, maximum amount is $100,000.
1. All other rules apply to custom classes.
2. Only exception is you may NOT play the role of a terrorist and terrorize the town.
3. Use your imagination, have fun!

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